Mid August bust

I’d rather you read my poetry
but since other senses suggest
sound quality will be following
bound like books
that found streams and brooks
there’s no off day for a cook
everybody has to eat
what took so long getting down the street
was all the peeps we meet

comm unity

abstract’s never obsolete
rap for satisfaction not salaries
eating crops for the calories
staying on top of spontaneously arriving
starting familiarity with Salam
from here to Iran in an evening
would bring art a literary healing
parting the stereotyping
with rhymes for the stereo I was typing
Feeling a palace for Palestine

Find mine on the shine
setting up reflectors
shrine alters
can motivate a movement to emerge
grooves of sentiment urged residential curbs
swerve into destination
loosing nothing with unlimited toner at no payment
juice for the underdog in training
infinite styles published in a factory

you and I verse testimony
to the universe’s test of expanding
An oratory story started his art
drinking forty’s with Jordi after dark in the park
marking memories in the central circuiting
From the heart, not for the charts
to stay on top of the overly cunning

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