Take your time reading rhymes

Take your time
reading rhymes
make the mind
bleed reeds and vines
weep deep lines
keep leading
your doing fine
reaping what you sow
when inequality grows
loath the advertisers of the show

dreaming of changing events with content
known to effect the subconscious with conscious intent
home of the originaL
domed individual
attack of the clones
like drones flown over the tribal
tapped phones confirmed concerns
Bravo Romeo

Turn what we learned
from Bookworm pro
to the stereo in your barrio

Yo, he took the rhyme through history in time
cooked to feed the mouths and the minds
Down south migration finds the location
only opening for gatherings worth watching
in rap, would you want your children attending?

questions that need answering
meanwhile lets kick freestyles and punch lines
making a palace of rhyme for palestine
Israel expanding settlements is a crime
systematic genocide
sanctions are not the language of respect
yet in retrospect we did take notice at protests
pay attention to the politicians we elect
check the rhetoric of an accredited quotable
“your wars are not fair,
if they were there would be suicide bombers in arms fares”
low key

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