Pardon Me

Pardon me
the flow goes like a river in your locality
know the show is your life in reality
go grow what you can eat with gardening

On the street, hosting free cypher gatherings
with or without a beat the rhymes continuing
in nature the cycle’s constantly changing

Test the wind
when forgetting to listen in
on the potential
let the elemental remind us to trust in the smallest particles

Watering the soul
fire in a bowl
unearth worth while goals

Holding the sole answer to the most difficult questions
is the beautiful fool in your inner conscious from life lessons

Pardon me
but would you bring this mad one to party

to drink memories
to eat words of poetry
to dance rhythms of different families

We meet by the trees to rest at ease
under the shade, wandering the day free
in another offering
your love authoring emcee
-John Tabrizi

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