Imagine the man
that ran the news stand
In the 20’s when Chomsky tasted worldly views

Imagine the son of a preacher
becoming a civil rights leader
In the 60’s when Hendrix and Nixon
both had tricks for us to listen

Imagine a man who went to prison
upon leaving, learned and gave warnings
with reminders that we must be breathing down their neck

Imagine a person you most respect
elected by a large majority of the electorate
be overthrown by a Coup d’état before Shari Allah

Imagine a vet
getting no benefit
waiting for procedures and god to get through the seizures

that shes a Harvard professor of economics
with a focus on bankruptcies that willed herself to congress

an economic hit man writing for a company
switching directions and open the spread sheets publicly

Imagine being dead
and brought back to life through holograms of light


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