She holds that answer in her eyes,
love can catch you by surprise
live many lives
give many rhymes
so your never empty
when it’s your turn in the turbine

Growing my beard for the urban countryside
Visiting the Alborz mountains
remembering when we used to
eat at the Alborz restaurant in Austin

A Persian who
converted the learning curve of the blues
exerting energy of poetry for muuu-sic
to keep it deep as grave pits
smelly underarms
in the summer of southern country charm
the streets are as busy as the farms

Hard work doesn’t always make ends meet
but we stay charged to never be harmed by defeat

never play games the same way
leap from the fray
Happy Birthday
to my mother Fay (the other day)
anyway, pray with me when I say
“We are blessed to just be here everyday”

hey, its what we feed horses
of course this is with powerful forces
At the heights of the enormously tall
like my roommate Philamungus playing basketball
scaling walls through Parkour
when were bored
recording chords is like a chore
time is something rhythm could afford
next the mixing board
comes the cables
microphone gripped between the thumbs
fables, stories, legends
breath through such similar mechanisms

Patience and dedication may wane
but not the vision
living in decisions
precision to perfect a happening
I hope to see more cyphers gathering
in front of stores there used to be rapping
stacking our evidence
in back packs on the campus of a canvas
tracks for spots around the Atlas
Hip Hop from San Marcos to the South Pacific
Mediterranean to the Caspian
met a cat who could scratch any wax into oblivion

Family acts attract the catch like a mitten
spitting facts in freestyles or written
a daily mission like an operation
incisions into the inner hidden systems of concentration
like juice
the mic in the vocal booth can bring truth
but check out the king on the soap box outside
directing the youth with Hip Hop from the most high

Powerful rhymes in their own time

His rhymes are more powerful than air craft carriers
but more honorable than all the messiahs or messengers
earthly creatures find pure features of lectures unadulterated

Upon the registering of adults, time the vaults to be opened
the gates binge and wait for us to take the stakes back

movements emerge in vision of perceptions
wrapped to perfected pitches of a delicatessen
rich handwoven stitching
gifted from generations
is up and lifting like inflation

one of many tribal nations
died from multi national corporations

the rhyme is for
when you are aburrido mi amigo
or when you very excited
finding flows in the river of the most pious
nature preferred us to venture
trustfully as a protector
Watchful of the plants that emerge

Listening does not always mean one is heard
reading is seen as something one does for leisure
my friends bend words much better,
the curb is where the novel was authored

learning in discussions
probable ways to alter
rearrange cycles like turns in a cypher
programming percussion’s
Poetry Slam Champions
reach for their lighters
fire for the teachers that made us writers
grow some flowers in earth
the dirt and sky will do most of the work
for your mother’s birth
for the loss of a lover
that hurts like a boss saying “your fired”
Powerful rhymes for a poetic empire

more determined
to speak freely of wars, bombs,
goings on at this moment,
Is it wrong that we cannot leave a useful comment?

Be strong amongst all the usual vomit in the content
you too may give in to answering in nonsense
if the price is viewed as not so bad for abuse
weighing options looks like an economic phrasing
just a fraction

like the dichotomy of the definition of sanction
To mean approval and punishment,
depending on the contents occasion.
in important governmental equations
that control more than 100 other nations
through military bases and economic cases
powerful rhymes are never wasted
theses are a few that have surfaced

we never forgot

we never forgot hip hop
store front lots
exploring the drums drop

always affording to stop.

Got pots cooking with the clock
grew our own crops
chopping skills are on top
props to moms and pops

down the avenues
sounds cruise
in to the blues
previously used
like a fuse
to keep the deep grooves
music as a way to spread news
to include

playing during the interlude
come stay for an afternoon
of a plate of food
praying by saying I am thankful for you
smiles clue to a glued style

while miles traveled brought us to this
trust we must bring justice
where the thirst of helplessness is
drink a verse with a helpful hint of bliss
well, it is too early to tell
but something is amiss

with countless lyrics of counterfeit
this is original
authentic home made vows
to fix the valves
syllabic mathematical
Tricks from poets who never took sabbatical
over instrumentals of potential
the grower of the highs
met the lower of the lows
to show it is wise to compromise

Hip Hop is lost
to the talk of hoes, cash, drugs and rides
mind not cursing at my kids when their outside
intelligence is masked behind macho ignorance of despise
take off the false face and embrace good taste

Kindness is a characteristic we create
try to instill this in to your free will
as if this is what connects your back disks

uncontrollable like the weather
what begun the pull
was your soul holding the lever
all my family and friends are hard workers
they are the reason i write letters
The change in the seasons
is soon to  bring the fall
for our rise to the calling in the hall

and above all, all in all
the writing on the wall
said “live life enthralled”

so the factory takes a pause to reflect
to not forget,
and recall the purpose of the trek
for the possibilities are endless

Mid August bust

I’d rather you read my poetry
but since other senses suggest
sound quality will be following
bound like books
that found streams and brooks
there’s no off day for a cook
everybody has to eat
what took so long getting down the street
was all the peeps we meet

comm unity

abstract’s never obsolete
rap for satisfaction not salaries
eating crops for the calories
staying on top of spontaneously arriving
starting familiarity with Salam
from here to Iran in an evening
would bring art a literary healing
parting the stereotyping
with rhymes for the stereo I was typing
Feeling a palace for Palestine

Find mine on the shine
setting up reflectors
shrine alters
can motivate a movement to emerge
grooves of sentiment urged residential curbs
swerve into destination
loosing nothing with unlimited toner at no payment
juice for the underdog in training
infinite styles published in a factory

you and I verse testimony
to the universe’s test of expanding
An oratory story started his art
drinking forty’s with Jordi after dark in the park
marking memories in the central circuiting
From the heart, not for the charts
to stay on top of the overly cunning

Eulogy for the lost incarnate of beauty

Her hair would intoxicates the air
she thinks before moving
where ever the sun is shining
she was there before it was arriving

Her style was homemade but exquisitely exotic
Talked with the care of being aware what’s in products
as beautiful as Texas bluebonnets
she could give a man the blues to write sonnets

God bless the goddess
odd flaws seem ridden of their usefulness
She would grow pods of pees
She would be willing to get hands dirty
before you could ask please

Her permaculture skills instilled many
with fruitful knowledge
preferred the outer city limits rather than next to the College
even had wooden shoes polished

A joker who never stopped smiling
belly dancing
the lost incarnate of beauty
was/is loved by many friends and family

The clay Phoenix

His words of wisdom
are from a shaman mystic with a musical thumb
always found around the river
always making music with drums
to make people feel better
free yoga classes in the summer
Mr. instructor

One of mother nature protectors
made from earth but not of it’s kind
a reflector of positivity and direction combined
with the consciousness to gift kindness a lift

When you leave, you will be missed
a community listener who we will reminisce
your brothers and sisters are everywhere
but especially here

keep your open eyes and ears
they will continue to help others conquer fears
Thanks for bringing cheer to any occasion
when you return we will drink a beer in celebration.

Take your time reading rhymes

Take your time
reading rhymes
make the mind
bleed reeds and vines
weep deep lines
keep leading
your doing fine
reaping what you sow
when inequality grows
loath the advertisers of the show

dreaming of changing events with content
known to effect the subconscious with conscious intent
home of the originaL
domed individual
attack of the clones
like drones flown over the tribal
tapped phones confirmed concerns
Bravo Romeo

Turn what we learned
from Bookworm pro
to the stereo in your barrio

Yo, he took the rhyme through history in time
cooked to feed the mouths and the minds
Down south migration finds the location
only opening for gatherings worth watching
in rap, would you want your children attending?

questions that need answering
meanwhile lets kick freestyles and punch lines
making a palace of rhyme for palestine
Israel expanding settlements is a crime
systematic genocide
sanctions are not the language of respect
yet in retrospect we did take notice at protests
pay attention to the politicians we elect
check the rhetoric of an accredited quotable
“your wars are not fair,
if they were there would be suicide bombers in arms fares”
low key

Pardon Me

Pardon me
the flow goes like a river in your locality
know the show is your life in reality
go grow what you can eat with gardening

On the street, hosting free cypher gatherings
with or without a beat the rhymes continuing
in nature the cycle’s constantly changing

Test the wind
when forgetting to listen in
on the potential
let the elemental remind us to trust in the smallest particles

Watering the soul
fire in a bowl
unearth worth while goals

Holding the sole answer to the most difficult questions
is the beautiful fool in your inner conscious from life lessons

Pardon me
but would you bring this mad one to party

to drink memories
to eat words of poetry
to dance rhythms of different families

We meet by the trees to rest at ease
under the shade, wandering the day free
in another offering
your love authoring emcee
-John Tabrizi


Imagine the man
that ran the news stand
In the 20’s when Chomsky tasted worldly views

Imagine the son of a preacher
becoming a civil rights leader
In the 60’s when Hendrix and Nixon
both had tricks for us to listen

Imagine a man who went to prison
upon leaving, learned and gave warnings
with reminders that we must be breathing down their neck

Imagine a person you most respect
elected by a large majority of the electorate
be overthrown by a Coup d’état before Shari Allah

Imagine a vet
getting no benefit
waiting for procedures and god to get through the seizures

that shes a Harvard professor of economics
with a focus on bankruptcies that willed herself to congress

an economic hit man writing for a company
switching directions and open the spread sheets publicly

Imagine being dead
and brought back to life through holograms of light