Short poem

Buenos noches Braggadocios
the modest fool of a wise man walks in
approaches your kin
before toasting let’s start working
at the park, throwing darts
starting art’s creation
personal satisfaction
versatile to reactions
a purse full of currency
wouldn’t change the action or positioning

Cooking and cleaning is daily routine
with no complaining since understanding our team

Just showing someone how to do some thing, is not teaching
That requires patience in learning the timings
to earn techniques that perfect a happening

Capture this rhapsodic answer flying
Trust in the spontaneous just as much as organized rhythms
Consistency consisted of too many repetitive frequencies

Setting hard working families at ease
like a Persian tradition of arranging, a table called “Haft seen”
on New Year’s eve
before the first break of spring

Preparing and waiting


  1. so many rhymes become like children songs but this sure does not it makes you wonder in a wander down the park to end in a classroom without a desk


    1. Yes,
      messy traveled memories are tricky in remembering.
      Thanks for contributing to the poetry,
      before dark, commuting can be the best setting for learning
      arriving and leaving
      wends on
      lent upon asking
      spent all the energy
      before being gone or missing
      attempting to build a piece fitting
      for a table of writing


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