Good Friend

You moved in on the couch when we first met
I never thought I’d meet someone who deserves such respect

Jesus Christ
you listened to my questions and gave advice
Yet you can bet that you are a veteran of life

Remember Kerrville camping nights?
Remember Rock Springs?
The River and ease would bring blessings only known to kings
You are a best friend to me

Truly godly in generosity
“what’s mine is your, what’s yours is your choice”
so choose wisely

We discussed disgust at empires desire
to financially higher their trust
debates of what higher powers think of us
relating experiences
your new adventures will be a rush

Come back and play poker
taking all the money with a royal flush of clovers
brother from another mother
discover your path to grow

Only you know your destiny
what your body can take physically
Blue ninja J DUB is dubbed part of the family
love with agape qualities
your brother b John Tabrizi

by the way,
I’ll be sending your way new copies of poetry

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