Words from keen observers of the meek

Prisons are not being closed
bombs set to explode
wars for a growing machine
Ask Lockheed Martin whose making the green
on weaponry in artillery with aeronautic capabilities
My flow gets grittier than BAE Systems’ bombs
being dropped on a mother or sister in a farm

If you bring attention to obvious blinking alarms
The charges for whistle blowing is self-harm
Large Power charms cunningly
global entities with national identity
now are mostly owned and controlled by MNC’s

Hunger strike days and nights
in Cali prisons to Guantanamo Bay
hidden out of sight

In Texas, word from the nexus says
our pork is raised through department of corrections
big pig farm camps on plantations, unattested

Check the product,
it may not be pleasant to have ingested
now plants, foods, and even seeds are patented

Senators are relentlessly stamping with hooves
for the first time an Agriculture Bill did not include food stamps

The president talks about being black
never talking about the young children in Iraq
or the war in Afghanistan that will never stop
dropping 2014 withdrawal timetables
Sanctions kill millions of the young hungry in a cradle

didn’t just use a gun
drones flown from a station
button mashing casualties like a PlayStation
videos of corruption

Bradley Manning will escape from prison
like Edward Snowden
no longer is the voice verboden

It is a choice to hoist destructive tendencies
to limits with penalties
At ease soldier,
you are the holder of a vital manifestation of reality
like a child in any family

Peace to lost tribes and refugees
War to Rage against the Machine
keep it lowkey after you immortalize a technique

Words from keen observers of the meek

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