Volume Three

Encouraging advice masked as poetry
for word nerds to read
the sun is shining so brightly
that at last our blinding has begun

The path of wisdom does not have a job title
practicing doesn’t mean necessarily one is ready for recital

preparing material for tens of thousands of people
young guns
whose determined impression is unequaled
For the students this is volume three in a sequel

Prudence to truth’s remnants will remain visible
Choose your defense mechanism
so fences built within can release all inner guilt and sin
A tremendous apparatus befriended a pen in all this madness
only to be ignored and left on the floor for the keyboard’s canvas

eventually only spoken openly
to open not unlike a key
poetry from your brother b
If you can’t float in the ocean or the sea
try flowing in a river of your locality
the distance between you and others is proximity
Be infinitely just and natural sequentially

What is the price of dignity?
is it higher than the cost of someone’s humanity?
Certain sons are changing reality
with precision on morality
exposing woes set to tragedies

Companies of six figure salary mercenaries
slaughtering like a fake wannabe prince named Eric Prince from Blackwater

jokingly, it was asked where your humor is? Say something funny-

God invented war so that Americans could learn geography.

Volume 3

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