The Fall

As amateurs we practice our fall
this summer before the fall
climbing walls
using the core
in Parkour
after work outdoors
StairMasters are deplorable
so we jump faster over stairs and obstacles

The body as a getaway vehicle
in tip top shape
can escape most people
like a great hip hop tape with no sequel

Dropping off ledges,
in leaps and bounds
informing the body and mind
like bound copies of a signed Chris Hedges book
look, the gravity of momentum
took time to understand how to land so handsomely
in the addendum includes the injuries

Jump around any boundaries
Just remember to land soundly

The fall
should always be planned
in balance on the ball of your new balanced feet
training to manipulate weight through energy
in an exercise that tests the ability to recognize shapes and sizes

A poor man’s sport with no equipment or requirements
it’s the environment

Big Gyms, stadiums,  and sports facilities should look really silly
to homeless people in the inner city
same with golf courses on enormous property

Try observing all sides of a building
climbing, jumping, running
learning how to properly roll after a fall
is probably the number one goal of it all

The fall

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