check his method

Check his method
logically tested
the spot we got reckless
in a small cot cabin of Texas

Catch the hot summer sun for breakfast
cooking up batches of the number one question
in how to leave a message breathless?

Basically by showing the body’s presence
we fence in positions of shoddy reinforcements
when the structures broken we build again
the courses are never finished but constantly increasing

With the mind frame of the highly trained train tagger
Find him in the shadow maiming your mental
abstract art grows exponential in consequentially
tactful sequential terminology
All the present is temporary

Check his method of philosophy
In the land of the most written documents
literacy levels are at the lowest they have ever been

So obviously we need to start writing and reading
organizations and meetings
print is not an old medium
Social justice activists cannot be sold for a sum

Check his method and curriculum
Blue prints from an architect on the run
Karl Rove thought he was the only one
who could master politics and fix elections
and not these kids from the slums

one suggested, one teach one
until the best would manifest
cycles that behest your next arrival
would test how conflict is settled

Ingesting every arresting step of survival

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