The Audience

I write rhymes for kings and queens from the divine
never seen on a screen but still in their prime with skills that shine

A friend of mine writes his dreams on notebook lines
A friend of hers prefers to protect nature through permaculture
self-sustained cultures of bacteria
making hallucinating easier
try working till dead tired
starting a fire when you hunger

The younger get what’s fresh off the wire
you deserve the wonder
preserve comforts without the blunders of tiresome desire

I write rhymes for the passionate protesting fighters
who come out when injustice is without a doubt
writers and journalists
have readers and listeners who are missed

Lets swim together like trouts in the river after the rain’s mist

Arrangements in composition
add to new science of explorations
like gravity’s manipulation
attraction and repulsion at the core of an atom
the electron moving away from a proton

Submission and appreciation
in my opinion, best direct perception
Give in to your inner rhythm of connections

I write rhymes for many different kinds of minds
(sometimes for Mindz of a Different Kind)
always improving with the poise of timed prudence

The loving noise of a thankful audience
was worth more than any bank note of non-sense
check the foot prints of evidence
ever since we minted our own benevolence
shared, despite any spiteful stares
we care to bare the cycle like a disciple
off the snare with a bass drum that moves your hair
making the instrumental possible

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