When fire asked wind for help

He writes rhymes when dead tired at home
reciting news, typing used skills shown
fighting the struggle with blues tones and fills
bubbling in answers are old venues

Find the time to shine with your crew
step into someone else’ shoes
wreck like bad breath with no clue

Who knew the blue sky was the brother to the sea?
poetry lovers wooed the masses into ease

Check the technique before speaking
methodology has explored the surroundings
Evidence in the form of a light
to bring those in fright to fight and arise from their hiding
not an overly light bearing
or as overwhelming as global warming
gun manufacturing
or weaponry weighing tons controlling ports and citizens

Some bore an audience listening with puns of fiction
He wore his conviction for two years plus late payments

Graduate of the criminal class asked the University diploma
how much are you in debt? and are you making your quota?

One nation in the lead couldn’t read the find print
In a first person persona, minted at the Reserve’s agenda

Scribble thirst in a verse
Preserving honor in the best among the rest
encouraging your writing alter ego
with a burst of energy in poetry
as vital as blood flow
as large as floods that budge the status quo

Despite being dead tired
wire the hardware,
inspire and be not scared
the higher intensity will change your mind in thinking
and will reset what you think you can bare

this hobby we picked up in the lobby
before bed and in the mornings
is a pleasure to measure the letters
with clever mental timers
rhyming the reason the factory had us hired

because we are looked up to like fathers
dead tired is no bother
to raise and set the bar a little higher
said the wind to the fire

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