The waves are circling larger
ripples like a taze, sparks like a fire
in a clouded daze of a smoky odor
with no regrets smoking one last cigarette

Give 99% effort
tire, retire, and start again
Momentum gets betters
like exercising art in letters
like moving the body in a gym
guitar strings are probably waiting
as attentively as gamblers and betters
Slim, take these poetic devices
before the editor trims and adds political slices

The pie is not big enough to suffice
which pleasure is a lesser vice?
moral questions from your inner professor
is a better guesser on instinct
than thinking about it twice

Rhythm drinking water
cooler than ice
used tools like Mics and hot summer nights
to write
the passages of life

what you like
the beans topped with rice
dreams reaching new heights
self-esteem for the self-hating
cash money for the impoverished and in need
a guiding lead at the site of a following

When near an end of a cycle
that has been used for survival
suspend all activities
and focus on the momentary passing’s

For sure vital signs of the living
check the pulse for a heart beating
Robots and machines are now being competing
trained to be as capable as the human brain
a being’s process and sequence
all wrapped on a table
contents and suggestions are at critical
stable conditions

Up ahead
past the line of vision
is the approaching

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