world poet

Salam Alekum
calm awakenings
a long drawn forgiving in meetings
since you have been gone from our vicinity

Tom the world poet is seated on a Thursday night at our venue of poetry
to my surprising

The man who started this art at the beginning
The guiding teacher of many

He speaks poetry of our life and times’ reality
over Magic Jack’s guitar strumming and picking

Using the audience vibe, its a tribe thing
He once gave me the honor on a plaque of the freshest rhyming raps
now I would like to give it back
Freestyle King
who would write more than any other, daily?

World poet
Emails and hand to hand papers with a binding
On a disk with a pamphlet about where the next audience is

At least once a month in the Baha’i center for Expressions
we live in time rifts, here is a rhymed gift
for your contribution
World poets gives us words for revolutions
in global solutions
by improvising on local levels of listening

The poetry factory is using these techniques
to reach the young, the old, the willing
and the soon to be willing
like a scroll writing book junkie
next time there will be more copies

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