the poetry factory’s library

Library of Books

Library of Books

Here lies fiction, non-fiction, and musical notations
Poetry editions from self-published moments of illumination

Critiques of governments, corporations, and societal residents’ complacence
Antiquity to contemporary evidence
Contrary to popular belief
the literary presence still fills in grief
that the leaves between the bindings will outlive our own seat

Writing the self-testimonial experience
often finds books on the shelves of a curious witness
Fight for our right to read the serious business!

The quickness of a mental gymnast
absorbed recorded images from a short distance
Over instances of reports and vested interests
to retort the oratory of rhetorical significance

Admittance to due diligence at book fairs on clearance
some were delivered by mail
some were discovered at garage sales
occurrences by a gifted present
were always the greatest encouraging moments

Opening up a passage
traveling through history’s narratives
small time periods to the greater unknown global existence
giving a writer a chance on a friend’s insistence
living in pages for subsistence

The Palace of Rhymes’ reason for systematic persistence
is to make sure all of the tools are at our assistance

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