Independence Day

Egypt erupts into Revolution again
with a letter from the military to the president

On Independence day in America we repent

for overthrowing democratic leaders with the CIA
paving the way for our businesses to exploit for little pay
staying to occupy countries for more than a decade

Tipping points do not decay

In the last five years I can remember very clear
demonstrations numbered into millions that appeared

Recently in Brazil and Egypt
The 2009 Iranian election is where the Arab Spring started

European countries held anti-austerity rallies
the Indignados now have a party

The tough stuff is it’s hardly enough to just be recognized
and Palestine lives through a genocide
while these gents in nice jackets take Israel’s side

Independence day would be closing Guantanamo Bay
ending extraordinary rendition and enhanced interrogation techniques

In addition to these changes
would be the termination of sanctions that cause mass starvation

The US hegemony is militarily and technologically
but has lost the economic superiority to dominate other countries

No more Coup d’etat or invasions
for we are video taping

The Revolution will not be televised
unless it is leaked from the front lines

Happy fourth of July from the Palace of Rhymes

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