The spilling of our mess

The spilling of our mess tests the willingness of our mass

Ask the billing collection agency for sympathy
Arrested development and functionality
suggested we work quietly to be free

sluggish muggings of profit from a corporate company
has never seen slum factory machines so clean
one in a few turns to too many teams

Dreams can become reality
like an accountable financial industry

Add poetry to drums
becoming Undun
as The Roots’ new album

Grow deep beneath walking feet
alum to sounds birds sing in the  street
downtown curbs do not sleep
bring the handicapped their seat spot
where the highest paid salaries are those helping the elite plot

The spilling of our mess tests the message of our global presence

keeping the track meet as hot as warming evidence
performed negligence didn’t win allegiance
like an Egyptian revolution repeated
orbits spin quicker when people hunger
forget about going on tour, talk to your neighbors

Chief editors and educators live next door
as well as repairmen and cleaners
The spilling of our mess
makes us the best after disasters
faster than a shocking doctrine

We still will clean up this spill sooner than later

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