Dedicated to daily action
pray to your internal organs for satisfaction
Every morning he writes his dream’s passion

Long traveled streets recede
as you grow stronger with more speed
the meek will inherit our bleak deeds
we read the weekly line feed and proceed

As a necessary quality
dressed in an attire by costuming
means working in some industry

Supreme cream dream of poetry
works in teams
ask the factory workers for a ream
the last shall be first, or as it seems

Trash the worst and blast forth at full steam
The clash of critical thinking
unveils subtle subconscious sales of advertising

Palace of by John Tabrizi

Wail the blues shuffle if nothing is surprising
where is the man who plans everything’s timing?

A member of the family always equated time as money
it seems funny, as now all his energy is dedicated to rhyming

Writing groups and spoken word herds of nerds are disappearing
plant a seed of what you prefer
to be a grower requires nurturing and water
the patience to even bother
leaves bigger changes not seen until the future

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