Good Friend

You moved in on the couch when we first met
I never thought I’d meet someone who deserves such respect

Jesus Christ
you listened to my questions and gave advice
Yet you can bet that you are a veteran of life

Remember Kerrville camping nights?
Remember Rock Springs?
The River and ease would bring blessings only known to kings
You are a best friend to me

Truly godly in generosity
“what’s mine is your, what’s yours is your choice”
so choose wisely

We discussed disgust at empires desire
to financially higher their trust
debates of what higher powers think of us
relating experiences
your new adventures will be a rush

Come back and play poker
taking all the money with a royal flush of clovers
brother from another mother
discover your path to grow

Only you know your destiny
what your body can take physically
Blue ninja J DUB is dubbed part of the family
love with agape qualities
your brother b John Tabrizi

by the way,
I’ll be sending your way new copies of poetry

Short poem

Buenos noches Braggadocios
the modest fool of a wise man walks in
approaches your kin
before toasting let’s start working
at the park, throwing darts
starting art’s creation
personal satisfaction
versatile to reactions
a purse full of currency
wouldn’t change the action or positioning

Cooking and cleaning is daily routine
with no complaining since understanding our team

Just showing someone how to do some thing, is not teaching
That requires patience in learning the timings
to earn techniques that perfect a happening

Capture this rhapsodic answer flying
Trust in the spontaneous just as much as organized rhythms
Consistency consisted of too many repetitive frequencies

Setting hard working families at ease
like a Persian tradition of arranging, a table called “Haft seen”
on New Year’s eve
before the first break of spring

Preparing and waiting

Words from keen observers of the meek

Prisons are not being closed
bombs set to explode
wars for a growing machine
Ask Lockheed Martin whose making the green
on weaponry in artillery with aeronautic capabilities
My flow gets grittier than BAE Systems’ bombs
being dropped on a mother or sister in a farm

If you bring attention to obvious blinking alarms
The charges for whistle blowing is self-harm
Large Power charms cunningly
global entities with national identity
now are mostly owned and controlled by MNC’s

Hunger strike days and nights
in Cali prisons to Guantanamo Bay
hidden out of sight

In Texas, word from the nexus says
our pork is raised through department of corrections
big pig farm camps on plantations, unattested

Check the product,
it may not be pleasant to have ingested
now plants, foods, and even seeds are patented

Senators are relentlessly stamping with hooves
for the first time an Agriculture Bill did not include food stamps

The president talks about being black
never talking about the young children in Iraq
or the war in Afghanistan that will never stop
dropping 2014 withdrawal timetables
Sanctions kill millions of the young hungry in a cradle

didn’t just use a gun
drones flown from a station
button mashing casualties like a PlayStation
videos of corruption

Bradley Manning will escape from prison
like Edward Snowden
no longer is the voice verboden

It is a choice to hoist destructive tendencies
to limits with penalties
At ease soldier,
you are the holder of a vital manifestation of reality
like a child in any family

Peace to lost tribes and refugees
War to Rage against the Machine
keep it lowkey after you immortalize a technique

Words from keen observers of the meek

Volume Three

Encouraging advice masked as poetry
for word nerds to read
the sun is shining so brightly
that at last our blinding has begun

The path of wisdom does not have a job title
practicing doesn’t mean necessarily one is ready for recital

preparing material for tens of thousands of people
young guns
whose determined impression is unequaled
For the students this is volume three in a sequel

Prudence to truth’s remnants will remain visible
Choose your defense mechanism
so fences built within can release all inner guilt and sin
A tremendous apparatus befriended a pen in all this madness
only to be ignored and left on the floor for the keyboard’s canvas

eventually only spoken openly
to open not unlike a key
poetry from your brother b
If you can’t float in the ocean or the sea
try flowing in a river of your locality
the distance between you and others is proximity
Be infinitely just and natural sequentially

What is the price of dignity?
is it higher than the cost of someone’s humanity?
Certain sons are changing reality
with precision on morality
exposing woes set to tragedies

Companies of six figure salary mercenaries
slaughtering like a fake wannabe prince named Eric Prince from Blackwater

jokingly, it was asked where your humor is? Say something funny-

God invented war so that Americans could learn geography.

Volume 3

The Fall

As amateurs we practice our fall
this summer before the fall
climbing walls
using the core
in Parkour
after work outdoors
StairMasters are deplorable
so we jump faster over stairs and obstacles

The body as a getaway vehicle
in tip top shape
can escape most people
like a great hip hop tape with no sequel

Dropping off ledges,
in leaps and bounds
informing the body and mind
like bound copies of a signed Chris Hedges book
look, the gravity of momentum
took time to understand how to land so handsomely
in the addendum includes the injuries

Jump around any boundaries
Just remember to land soundly

The fall
should always be planned
in balance on the ball of your new balanced feet
training to manipulate weight through energy
in an exercise that tests the ability to recognize shapes and sizes

A poor man’s sport with no equipment or requirements
it’s the environment

Big Gyms, stadiums,  and sports facilities should look really silly
to homeless people in the inner city
same with golf courses on enormous property

Try observing all sides of a building
climbing, jumping, running
learning how to properly roll after a fall
is probably the number one goal of it all

The fall

check his method

Check his method
logically tested
the spot we got reckless
in a small cot cabin of Texas

Catch the hot summer sun for breakfast
cooking up batches of the number one question
in how to leave a message breathless?

Basically by showing the body’s presence
we fence in positions of shoddy reinforcements
when the structures broken we build again
the courses are never finished but constantly increasing

With the mind frame of the highly trained train tagger
Find him in the shadow maiming your mental
abstract art grows exponential in consequentially
tactful sequential terminology
All the present is temporary

Check his method of philosophy
In the land of the most written documents
literacy levels are at the lowest they have ever been

So obviously we need to start writing and reading
organizations and meetings
print is not an old medium
Social justice activists cannot be sold for a sum

Check his method and curriculum
Blue prints from an architect on the run
Karl Rove thought he was the only one
who could master politics and fix elections
and not these kids from the slums

one suggested, one teach one
until the best would manifest
cycles that behest your next arrival
would test how conflict is settled

Ingesting every arresting step of survival

The Audience

I write rhymes for kings and queens from the divine
never seen on a screen but still in their prime with skills that shine

A friend of mine writes his dreams on notebook lines
A friend of hers prefers to protect nature through permaculture
self-sustained cultures of bacteria
making hallucinating easier
try working till dead tired
starting a fire when you hunger

The younger get what’s fresh off the wire
you deserve the wonder
preserve comforts without the blunders of tiresome desire

I write rhymes for the passionate protesting fighters
who come out when injustice is without a doubt
writers and journalists
have readers and listeners who are missed

Lets swim together like trouts in the river after the rain’s mist

Arrangements in composition
add to new science of explorations
like gravity’s manipulation
attraction and repulsion at the core of an atom
the electron moving away from a proton

Submission and appreciation
in my opinion, best direct perception
Give in to your inner rhythm of connections

I write rhymes for many different kinds of minds
(sometimes for Mindz of a Different Kind)
always improving with the poise of timed prudence

The loving noise of a thankful audience
was worth more than any bank note of non-sense
check the foot prints of evidence
ever since we minted our own benevolence
shared, despite any spiteful stares
we care to bare the cycle like a disciple
off the snare with a bass drum that moves your hair
making the instrumental possible

River Awareness Day in San Marcos

Ride a bike around these parts
It will make you enjoy life in the parks
the cost of a car with no parking
with traffic congestion rising
In the fastest growing city in the country

We meet here, to hear and see nature’s testimony
clear water springs smoothly flowing
like poetry from an ancient civilization
We need to be more aware of our surroundings and l0cations

500 million dollar renovations for a university’s reputation
While those educated with dissertations must leave for better paying salaries
still a town of hippies, hipsters, and good neighbors
the southern hospitality
makes a scene for corporate developers

Small business owners go under
bars triple in numbers
at the hitch and river is the best place to spend the summer
Lift up some trash from the ground to the dumpster
this gift can best be understood at the Aquarena Center

Keeping the water clean for all the swimmers
all the listeners of “not here now, not here ever”

Check out the activities
dip into ease through these
natural growing cycles

Coming Soon August Third as a reminder

is River Awareness day
mark your calendar

When fire asked wind for help

He writes rhymes when dead tired at home
reciting news, typing used skills shown
fighting the struggle with blues tones and fills
bubbling in answers are old venues

Find the time to shine with your crew
step into someone else’ shoes
wreck like bad breath with no clue

Who knew the blue sky was the brother to the sea?
poetry lovers wooed the masses into ease

Check the technique before speaking
methodology has explored the surroundings
Evidence in the form of a light
to bring those in fright to fight and arise from their hiding
not an overly light bearing
or as overwhelming as global warming
gun manufacturing
or weaponry weighing tons controlling ports and citizens

Some bore an audience listening with puns of fiction
He wore his conviction for two years plus late payments

Graduate of the criminal class asked the University diploma
how much are you in debt? and are you making your quota?

One nation in the lead couldn’t read the find print
In a first person persona, minted at the Reserve’s agenda

Scribble thirst in a verse
Preserving honor in the best among the rest
encouraging your writing alter ego
with a burst of energy in poetry
as vital as blood flow
as large as floods that budge the status quo

Despite being dead tired
wire the hardware,
inspire and be not scared
the higher intensity will change your mind in thinking
and will reset what you think you can bare

this hobby we picked up in the lobby
before bed and in the mornings
is a pleasure to measure the letters
with clever mental timers
rhyming the reason the factory had us hired

because we are looked up to like fathers
dead tired is no bother
to raise and set the bar a little higher
said the wind to the fire


The waves are circling larger
ripples like a taze, sparks like a fire
in a clouded daze of a smoky odor
with no regrets smoking one last cigarette

Give 99% effort
tire, retire, and start again
Momentum gets betters
like exercising art in letters
like moving the body in a gym
guitar strings are probably waiting
as attentively as gamblers and betters
Slim, take these poetic devices
before the editor trims and adds political slices

The pie is not big enough to suffice
which pleasure is a lesser vice?
moral questions from your inner professor
is a better guesser on instinct
than thinking about it twice

Rhythm drinking water
cooler than ice
used tools like Mics and hot summer nights
to write
the passages of life

what you like
the beans topped with rice
dreams reaching new heights
self-esteem for the self-hating
cash money for the impoverished and in need
a guiding lead at the site of a following

When near an end of a cycle
that has been used for survival
suspend all activities
and focus on the momentary passing’s

For sure vital signs of the living
check the pulse for a heart beating
Robots and machines are now being competing
trained to be as capable as the human brain
a being’s process and sequence
all wrapped on a table
contents and suggestions are at critical
stable conditions

Up ahead
past the line of vision
is the approaching