Change in policy

It’s been rather gay and happy since the change in policy
legitimizing the LGBT

I once told a friend it take eyes off of poverty
but now we sincerely see it is about vows of equality

France legalized gay marriage
only to be followed by discriminatory rallies

One memory hits like a brick or stone
A friend of the family being disowned at his home

Some of our grown need more growing than is known
Justice Antonin Scalia never needed a comb

Civil rights reaches a new height
while privacy, piracy, and old school monopolies
change and rearrange hype

Spot lights are for some
Millions on the streets from the slums
In the Brazilian South America

Every year protests get bigger
with bigger aims
underground diggers are highly trained
to free slaves of men and women from mental chains and prisons

Instrumentals are arranged
to praise DOMA’s reversal and our gain over this obstacle

The demonstrations in Turkey leave us less hopeful
but let us remember this Quotable

“Democracy is to propaganda as a totalitarian ruler is to a shooter”
Read Chomsky for the more correct terminology

poetry for the LGBT
and movements of tolerance and equality

-Signed your brother b,
John Tabrizi

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