Writing Class

Welcome to the gathering
I write faster when typing
I’d rather be writing than memorizing
Delivery, packaged in the shape of a tape
poetry as a hammer to plan an escape

In a manner sum up syllabic shapes
Fate draped a danger in our knowledge
globally warming the price of attending college

Make friends with rhymers whose advice is polished
public park revolutionaries and martyrs
watered down underground wraps
better than any commercial tracks of scraps
The reason some add a “c” before rap
is because they have not seen BIJAN rap before

Be Infinitely Just & Natural

The Persian poetry is written by John Tabrizi
sincerely it’s not easy
translating to a different society’s reality
Which one is a fantasy?

U n I verse testimony to the universe’s test of expanding

Listen to the cooking in the kitchen
taste the space it takes to form a position
or to perform a mission taking admission
ambition and maintenance
the war machine still has ointment
so like Luddites we cause chaos on cement
selecting appointments
to smooth the rudeness of our disenfranchisement

Perpetual motion of a rise
opening eyes to the sky
living potential to raise the quotients size
reverentially applied to where you reside
never hiding the writings of the most high

The writings of the most high
all point to the sky
the sun, the stars, the moon’s tide
what begun this wild ride
styles aside, the original is home
to the true and tried

In a writing class for lost tribes
the cost is if the story will survive

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