focus to manifest

Let the focus roll off the tongue
push the head back, relax and be calm

rhyming is a rush
like jackpots on a royal flush
authentic as your finger prints touch

Penmanship since independence took a dip
slip into these frames of lenses
luscious perceptions accompany mistakes in details
the hinges and gates
binge and wait
for us to take nails out of its metal

Trusting the physical
while mustering out spirituals

The imperial clown’s gown is revealed
through the underground we found the real deal
in compounding sounds by stealing samples
dealing with industry is mostly about commercials

Bond art with the personable
Direct with a name to respect an individual
group’s read these lyrical deeds
change someone’s day by setting them at ease

Soldier you are a holder of a vital manifestation of reality

Plan a stand to best a limits potential
in any obstacle of hierarchy
been free since tackling styles
in piles of notebooks
looking at filing patterns of how the words look

A hopeful cook
took these favorable foods with an attitude
to the front steps of our factory’s complex

to be continued…

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