Since taking criticism and requests

Since taking criticism and requests
Vision has widened from reflections
wise men find the time for listening

The topic less need directions
Ask for a person, place, or setting
A simple idea to a complex theater
inclusion in using the audience as a feature
where solutions point to audio
pair parables next to forbidden taboo apples

Maybe a lazy afternoon snack on raps of poetry
lets meet at a park for a picnic and a nap
swimming laps in her memories
for that is where art first started at

The heart continues to draw maps
we greet in many phrases
teach what you know is your favorite

This listless appetite for lifting the blessed to the light
Makes the day quick
staying to sip tea slowly

Jovial cooked up a storm in the kitchen
of criticism and requests

The poetry factory eats these leftovers as success
writing for the deaf, the oppressed
for those obsessed with progress
more or less it’s a printing press for mental gymnasts
bench pressing sonnets and limericks

on an oasis of a summer dress

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