Poetry Request: a bowl

“An empty bowl can take a toll on an individual”

This geometrical container is retained as a vital technological receptical

when holding on to a cup,
stop and think of the drinks top,
up and above liquids from crops
pour a glass, asking in deepness
at what temperature are we sure it can be heated?

The old discussion dish and basin
wheels us hurling past
being included in the bearing task

Carry on,
It is too hot on the lawn!
Not being in the shade cast of a shadow
soon to be gone
like the leaders we follow

This object and verb
applied to a fire
for substance you preferred

Desire needs place in grace of good taste
lace a shaking hat with a hole on the cap
Shapes of gaps
perhaps deserve praise for it’s swerves
This rap is for writing about a bowl,
for you syllable nerds

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