During the 2013 Kerrville Folk Festival

From Mecca to Medina
On a pilgrimage to become a Haji
Village teacher in many communities

Muster energy to plan a return
since entering off the bus, trust value is earned
splendor a rushing thrust
when your turn allows to blush
embrace the taste of your touch

Read journeys in journals of poetry
Swimming in real rivers with no chlorine
cooking on steel pans,
with steel guitar strings between our hands
look to pealing tears through joys and fears
toying with letters, my dear sincerely
since you have been here we hear no better
Flow like weaves through a grandmother’s handwoven sweater
Opening up a whole in your soul that holds the sole answer
Love is the religion, music is the religion
love music is the composition of rhythms
if your listen, the universal language
gives U & I a chance to verse anguish
in a sanguine finesse that suggests the depths of being blessed

From Mecca to Medina, Tx
Spirits gather in lyrics sitting next to a nexus
under a lexicon as still relatively a new invention
skills from techniques of experience
stimulate our peak deliverance in a thrilling sequence
The content is content with only that which is sent
Interpreted, delivery interrupted for suspense
suspend the senses, tending to the bending frames of lenses
where the diagnosis is

The festivities were a pleasure to relax at ease
with no need to measure memories
but forever we will remember the musicality

The Zombie Plowboy neighbors
play dreams through a mandolin and harmonica
Candice had run against an incumbent for senator
The chances of running into friends makes any enemies outnumbered

During the Kerrville Folk Festival in 2013’s summer

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