Candor can be important

Every morning he crafts new drafts
only later to be recorded in succession

“Haft” in Persian means seven
“Noh” means nine, in German “Nein” means no

Go figure an eight sideways<
the display of your travels goes this way and that

find the gravel, flowing to unravel the raps
on mud flats with straw hats
grinding sand beneath his mats
time to the rhythm of the drums blast

Come and lose momentum
gyrating to the pulse of a new continuum
thumbing through strings
in a spectrum singing the mentioning

to the familiars and strangers
range arranged an answer in chambers of receptors
a strange matter
changed to maneuverable transfers
on grooves accepted after
tunes of fan fare
where bare stares collect the rafters

Making a mess with what’s left of the disaster
provides a tested shift to re-size & reorganize
gifted from a master
lifting faster when improvising
in mannerisms of mandated writing

Candor can be important
but more so is the rhyming

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