Poem for a cool cat

Write hundreds of lines
thundering powerful chimes
in a Palace of Rhymes

converting malice into catalysts and enzymes
a balancing act, cat like walking
talking of other lives

sprouting stalks
doubted packs and flocks
to never stop to be shocked
by new material in imperial shops

The factory chops leftovers
crops topped with herbs
and an aura of aromatic words
to pour symphonies of sympathy for the poor

Of course, what are we here for
forcing the purposeful
morsels like the cat left on the floor
torsos so exposed hair grows to keep warm toes

Warning foes with sharp claws
Horning flatulent blows with harping whoa’s
Odds are that life grows
with/without you, god, or your god
or what do we know is not flawed

In the similarities of true benevolence
is the evidence against fraud
and ever since information informed our squad
like lighting striking a rod
we connect mics to amps
stereos to iPods to amplify sound abroad

One broad turned a cool cat into a dog
her sister earned the respect from every mister
for being a good listener
The story leap frogs
in a leap year waiting for deep fog to clear
wadding through sleepy cogniton
made of gears and cogs in a mechanical ignition

hundreds of lines
powering functional intuition
into specific position of placement

show the keen eyes in a feline
who goes roaming where care cannot find

a lioness of a lair to a divine shrine
worshiped not unlike in ancient Egyptian time
deserves some rhymes

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