Before the Kerrville Folk Festival

The breath of taking a dip into the depth of consciousness
is like giving a lift to an unknown passenger
unmasked are the answers responded by a prophet
as the gas generates times to find narratives of similar topics
political, social, economic

This parable applies to pedestrian people all around the planet

a meeting with the fantastic
who doesn’t show all the tricks
fixated on the road we know
all the passenger has is a light load

The heights of the mountains and lows of the valleys and canyons
inspires them to recite poetry and prose instead using the radio
the tires below rumble the bass line as they go

Tasting the sublime phonetics
by hearing the dialect of cultural respects
steering an object like a space ship
from here to where home is

another forgotten trail with shops for sale
traveling is the best method to unravel salient discoverings

a weekend of camping
without electricity and with good company
away from companies advertising more commodities

Sitting under the trees
sipping on some tea
taking a trip to a new city

We spend some time
at the Palace of Rhymes
to reach other channels and combine
at a folk festival with folks so beautiful
it’s not improbable to paint a picture of an apostle out of these people

It feels good to be in the neighborhood of a musical
being off work makes this all possible

The poetry factory is visiting the Kerrville Folk Festival

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  1. So great to meet you in Kerrville. We found your little note book at our camp. If ou Facebook us and get me your addy I will mail it to you. I hope your still have the joy of Kerrville with you and hope to see you next year. Katy and Tom aka.Zombie Plowboy


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