Lyricism is in my ancestral origin

The ancient civilization of the Persian

Cyrus (C- Roose) the great, as you know him by Cyrus (Ci-rus)

wrote the first religious documentation of toleration

I make serious rhymes in concentration

still living in the imperial times of conquesting nations

to fill the will of past generations

A gyrating shaman walks in

admired by the children

for reciting rhetoric of benevolent elevation

He showed my brother to discover on his own

the Sufi anthem,

Crying messages of grief to the streets of martyrdom

selflessness in one of the oldest customs

I bet you have never met a Persian Poet

Yet its time to inspect the Palace of Rhymes

Letter writers get no better than these vocal lines

authors are creators, bother to write some chapters

Lovers of the here and after
bathed in the tears of your joy and laughter

Unraveling a wrapper for the food inside
an attitude of the poor to stay alive
like the ability to afford staying inside

For years there was knocking on the door of the Beloved

only to find in due time that knocking was coming from inside

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