Future creators

The future of poetry is not MP3
or URL’s with IP’s

The future of writing is not typing
or speech recognized verbal decoding
with software and programming

The future of music is not commercializing
or what generates more views for advertising

The future is now,
the future is here

Steer clear of what you won’t allow yourself to hear

Tiers and levels
Frontiers to the unsettled
Premier careers on low gears
machines made of metal
can make one disappear

Pedaling to meddle in, the rebel mandolin musician

invented new mechanisms of rhythm
come and get some
hidden in the inner systems
of a process over the endings

The future of poetry
is spoken openly as well as quietly
behind closed doors, censored, and ignored

The future of writing
becomes more uncompromising with this much stuff surviving
book store closings become common
and online options dramatize the problem

The future of music
blossoms more awesome than we can caution
samples amply supplied
a daily ride
to cut and piece
assemble any pie in the way you wish to feast
open source reinforced the paths we meet
open the force of pathos personally

yours,  the poetry factory

Change in policy

It’s been rather gay and happy since the change in policy
legitimizing the LGBT

I once told a friend it take eyes off of poverty
but now we sincerely see it is about vows of equality

France legalized gay marriage
only to be followed by discriminatory rallies

One memory hits like a brick or stone
A friend of the family being disowned at his home

Some of our grown need more growing than is known
Justice Antonin Scalia never needed a comb

Civil rights reaches a new height
while privacy, piracy, and old school monopolies
change and rearrange hype

Spot lights are for some
Millions on the streets from the slums
In the Brazilian South America

Every year protests get bigger
with bigger aims
underground diggers are highly trained
to free slaves of men and women from mental chains and prisons

Instrumentals are arranged
to praise DOMA’s reversal and our gain over this obstacle

The demonstrations in Turkey leave us less hopeful
but let us remember this Quotable

“Democracy is to propaganda as a totalitarian ruler is to a shooter”
Read Chomsky for the more correct terminology

poetry for the LGBT
and movements of tolerance and equality

-Signed your brother b,
John Tabrizi

Writing Class

Welcome to the gathering
I write faster when typing
I’d rather be writing than memorizing
Delivery, packaged in the shape of a tape
poetry as a hammer to plan an escape

In a manner sum up syllabic shapes
Fate draped a danger in our knowledge
globally warming the price of attending college

Make friends with rhymers whose advice is polished
public park revolutionaries and martyrs
watered down underground wraps
better than any commercial tracks of scraps
The reason some add a “c” before rap
is because they have not seen BIJAN rap before

Be Infinitely Just & Natural

The Persian poetry is written by John Tabrizi
sincerely it’s not easy
translating to a different society’s reality
Which one is a fantasy?

U n I verse testimony to the universe’s test of expanding

Listen to the cooking in the kitchen
taste the space it takes to form a position
or to perform a mission taking admission
ambition and maintenance
the war machine still has ointment
so like Luddites we cause chaos on cement
selecting appointments
to smooth the rudeness of our disenfranchisement

Perpetual motion of a rise
opening eyes to the sky
living potential to raise the quotients size
reverentially applied to where you reside
never hiding the writings of the most high

The writings of the most high
all point to the sky
the sun, the stars, the moon’s tide
what begun this wild ride
styles aside, the original is home
to the true and tried

In a writing class for lost tribes
the cost is if the story will survive

focus to manifest

Let the focus roll off the tongue
push the head back, relax and be calm

rhyming is a rush
like jackpots on a royal flush
authentic as your finger prints touch

Penmanship since independence took a dip
slip into these frames of lenses
luscious perceptions accompany mistakes in details
the hinges and gates
binge and wait
for us to take nails out of its metal

Trusting the physical
while mustering out spirituals

The imperial clown’s gown is revealed
through the underground we found the real deal
in compounding sounds by stealing samples
dealing with industry is mostly about commercials

Bond art with the personable
Direct with a name to respect an individual
group’s read these lyrical deeds
change someone’s day by setting them at ease

Soldier you are a holder of a vital manifestation of reality

Plan a stand to best a limits potential
in any obstacle of hierarchy
been free since tackling styles
in piles of notebooks
looking at filing patterns of how the words look

A hopeful cook
took these favorable foods with an attitude
to the front steps of our factory’s complex

to be continued…

Since taking criticism and requests

Since taking criticism and requests
Vision has widened from reflections
wise men find the time for listening

The topic less need directions
Ask for a person, place, or setting
A simple idea to a complex theater
inclusion in using the audience as a feature
where solutions point to audio
pair parables next to forbidden taboo apples

Maybe a lazy afternoon snack on raps of poetry
lets meet at a park for a picnic and a nap
swimming laps in her memories
for that is where art first started at

The heart continues to draw maps
we greet in many phrases
teach what you know is your favorite

This listless appetite for lifting the blessed to the light
Makes the day quick
staying to sip tea slowly

Jovial cooked up a storm in the kitchen
of criticism and requests

The poetry factory eats these leftovers as success
writing for the deaf, the oppressed
for those obsessed with progress
more or less it’s a printing press for mental gymnasts
bench pressing sonnets and limericks

on an oasis of a summer dress

Poetry Request: a bowl

“An empty bowl can take a toll on an individual”

This geometrical container is retained as a vital technological receptical

when holding on to a cup,
stop and think of the drinks top,
up and above liquids from crops
pour a glass, asking in deepness
at what temperature are we sure it can be heated?

The old discussion dish and basin
wheels us hurling past
being included in the bearing task

Carry on,
It is too hot on the lawn!
Not being in the shade cast of a shadow
soon to be gone
like the leaders we follow

This object and verb
applied to a fire
for substance you preferred

Desire needs place in grace of good taste
lace a shaking hat with a hole on the cap
Shapes of gaps
perhaps deserve praise for it’s swerves
This rap is for writing about a bowl,
for you syllable nerds

During the 2013 Kerrville Folk Festival

From Mecca to Medina
On a pilgrimage to become a Haji
Village teacher in many communities

Muster energy to plan a return
since entering off the bus, trust value is earned
splendor a rushing thrust
when your turn allows to blush
embrace the taste of your touch

Read journeys in journals of poetry
Swimming in real rivers with no chlorine
cooking on steel pans,
with steel guitar strings between our hands
look to pealing tears through joys and fears
toying with letters, my dear sincerely
since you have been here we hear no better
Flow like weaves through a grandmother’s handwoven sweater
Opening up a whole in your soul that holds the sole answer
Love is the religion, music is the religion
love music is the composition of rhythms
if your listen, the universal language
gives U & I a chance to verse anguish
in a sanguine finesse that suggests the depths of being blessed

From Mecca to Medina, Tx
Spirits gather in lyrics sitting next to a nexus
under a lexicon as still relatively a new invention
skills from techniques of experience
stimulate our peak deliverance in a thrilling sequence
The content is content with only that which is sent
Interpreted, delivery interrupted for suspense
suspend the senses, tending to the bending frames of lenses
where the diagnosis is

The festivities were a pleasure to relax at ease
with no need to measure memories
but forever we will remember the musicality

The Zombie Plowboy neighbors
play dreams through a mandolin and harmonica
Candice had run against an incumbent for senator
The chances of running into friends makes any enemies outnumbered

During the Kerrville Folk Festival in 2013’s summer

Peruse through a story on a target

Peruse through
these few moments
we grew due to the blues

Hues of color on the ocean
fuses lit with quick mixed potions
fixes so slick the music is a poem

Inner systems to hidden rhythms
gifted and given to the wisdom in freedom

A kingdom in the mind of a worker
A town around the shrine of a preacher
A business center signed by an owner
A palace of rhymes for Palestine
for rock throws who have died on our dime

The watch clicks,
a journal case study states in 20 years this place may not exist

Time fits as a gift for the fortunate
but also in a painful rift of remorse and hopelessness

Notice the focus of others expertise
We loaded motion to wavelengths and frequencies
documents of doses for a favorite flavoring
with a prognosis of administering
the procedure at your leisure

The opus only needs your thrust on the lever
busing in writers to bust up these phony, unclever
industry commercial advertisers

Catch us at open mics
on street corners with dim lights
at house party’s late at night
at festivals with musical vessels

Peruse through
strategically used
syllabic mathematical cues
to choose the
view you construe as emblematic

live from the factory to the market
Thank you,
See you in San Marcos

Candor can be important

Every morning he crafts new drafts
only later to be recorded in succession

“Haft” in Persian means seven
“Noh” means nine, in German “Nein” means no

Go figure an eight sideways<
the display of your travels goes this way and that

find the gravel, flowing to unravel the raps
on mud flats with straw hats
grinding sand beneath his mats
time to the rhythm of the drums blast

Come and lose momentum
gyrating to the pulse of a new continuum
thumbing through strings
in a spectrum singing the mentioning

to the familiars and strangers
range arranged an answer in chambers of receptors
a strange matter
changed to maneuverable transfers
on grooves accepted after
tunes of fan fare
where bare stares collect the rafters

Making a mess with what’s left of the disaster
provides a tested shift to re-size & reorganize
gifted from a master
lifting faster when improvising
in mannerisms of mandated writing

Candor can be important
but more so is the rhyming

Poem for a cool cat

Write hundreds of lines
thundering powerful chimes
in a Palace of Rhymes

converting malice into catalysts and enzymes
a balancing act, cat like walking
talking of other lives

sprouting stalks
doubted packs and flocks
to never stop to be shocked
by new material in imperial shops

The factory chops leftovers
crops topped with herbs
and an aura of aromatic words
to pour symphonies of sympathy for the poor

Of course, what are we here for
forcing the purposeful
morsels like the cat left on the floor
torsos so exposed hair grows to keep warm toes

Warning foes with sharp claws
Horning flatulent blows with harping whoa’s
Odds are that life grows
with/without you, god, or your god
or what do we know is not flawed

In the similarities of true benevolence
is the evidence against fraud
and ever since information informed our squad
like lighting striking a rod
we connect mics to amps
stereos to iPods to amplify sound abroad

One broad turned a cool cat into a dog
her sister earned the respect from every mister
for being a good listener
The story leap frogs
in a leap year waiting for deep fog to clear
wadding through sleepy cogniton
made of gears and cogs in a mechanical ignition

hundreds of lines
powering functional intuition
into specific position of placement

show the keen eyes in a feline
who goes roaming where care cannot find

a lioness of a lair to a divine shrine
worshiped not unlike in ancient Egyptian time
deserves some rhymes