Rhyme and Reason part 2

Part 1-


Part 2
Rhyme and Reason
structure punctured a tested method to best direct
delivering ruptures of waves that reach burrows and nests
molecular levels o f battles that never settle or rest

Adjust to the standard answers table depreciating culture
Behest your next arrival we will craft your laugh on a sculpture
without air conditioning living in Texas would amount to torture

Sparing the intricacies of a reckless power order
we still move water forward to the farthest corners
Lyrical skill to fill the farmers orchard
bordering the authorship on a performer’s recorder
formerly throne to the ships in the largest harbors

Siting on the doc of the bay
Hip Hop and poetry
Hips rock and sway
flowing fluently in influencing the senses
with a tint of flagrant disregard for tenseses
Sipping pints with good music at bars
working hard to enjoy life in shards and pieces
the big puzzle shines too bright for a master thesis

Choose the time and place
of course courses need to read the rhyme for the rhyme’s sake
developing a syllabus as a blueprint to mind the mind awake
Take my break and break it in half
Take my wages and send them to the Chief of Staff
with a message that security will not last
that past gaffs need new measures
empires do not live forever
Rhyming the reason we learned letters
when finding the time to shine bring reflectors

These are lines from the Palace of Rhymes
Director John Tabrizi signs fruitful poetry
write regularly in delicious mental food arranging
cooked with cognitive authority
most wraps unravel similarly
long for longevity
be strong against wrongs leveled unjustly
Syllabically is the strategy
to connect understandings

Just as each subjugation has it’s own identity
Trust the instinct to succinct critical thinking
Giving rhyming and reasoning a go
shows a growth in living

A decent completion
in seasoning what your have just eaten
is the pleasure of the changing seasons
forever in allegiance to global regions

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