100 posts

We at the poetry factory
are toasting to the 100th posting
that started in 2013’s beginning

Of the 100
many have been performed at poetry readings
Wrapped and unraveled at cyphers and battles
given in written textual volumes
bound by a staple and listeners/readers

A poem daily was a mission
the commissioner announced through a speaker

It’s good fun
but could be refined into one

singularity is clearly indifferent to repeating
it knows natural flows grow infinitely receding

showing ozone layers and glacier ice caps getting cracked
as pollution changes the climate of our solutions
industry can’t always throw money at collusion
Stacking papers of evidence
that now are circulated in an online presence

Anonymity in a sense
if taking out the IP address’s  foot prints
Nike and Disney have committed bigger offenses

The microphone conducting reality
over relentless instrumentals of lenses
is a tremendous mechanism to inject rhythm in memories

100 postings is nothing
but as we know nothing is always something

A beginning in drafts
brainstorming stacks of paper scraps
performing raps memorized
from the head till the dead arise

Swimming laps in written sizes
Perhaps fitting straps of integrity
like a backpack filled with facts to study
can make the most

Playing the host, with the arrival of sound quality
I’d like to make a toast to the Palace of Rhymes 100th posting

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