What I do

People ask me, what do you do?

I write rhymes all the time to stimulate an audience’s mind
Find me at the library reading old stories and the news
crafting blues signed with just this, rendering that which is due its respects

Check the pattern of systematically learned habits
turning hazards in to lessons of modern industrial havoc

I write to fight for equality not social status
uncovering reality’s veil of forgotten tales
madness, through free poetry for sale
who knew the true emcees do so regularly

Bless passages before the sun rises
Expecting a chance to redeem stance on missions to enhance

To elevate with volume, pitch and rate
Mixes a great tape, aesthetically study sounds we create

Bound like seams in books
Found hikes in streams and brooks
Grounded roots branching out of booths
The truth in more available to the youth

Writing to writers trained like fighters and troops
Reading rhythms remembered to sample for loops

A poet turned rapper learned the best way to deliver chapters
is usually not chap books and zines
but by capturing matters in a live showings with mistakes factored by design
Staking the answers into the foundation of a shelter’s mind

I write lines for the palace of rhymes

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