Triple digit heat this summer is a real back burner
sipping drinks to defeat the thirst of the sun’s hunger
stay alive inside, you will be crisped and fried
like an egg begging to be cracked

The shade is our pride when plants grow high
wade in the tide of sweat dripping down the eyebrow
laying on the lawn lounging with the break of dawn
take mid day off and be gone
playing the  melody of her song

Staying aware of return
earning an evening
entering in meaning
through what memory knew
to be spring cleaning the mental room

The heat gives a natural perfume
an intoxicating pheromone

At home he tells her that she will not be alone
the heat makes people say things they normally won’t

Dead tired sped full speed to lead two tires
sparking fire to melanin
adrenaline kicks in a second wind
temperatures rise from a shine that’s never dim

They wrap together combined as a zipper
In the summer time coming undone
shooting in to the river like a gun
because the heat is on
puns explode loads of fun
and it’s also good to know where they come from

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