rhyme and reason

I’m told that words get old
that they don’t matter
that eye contact gives more answers

If this is true,
how do we express what we do?

As a poet who flows wit
mixed with a little bit of grit
over a snare drum, cymbal and kick
strumming the blues
with guitar picks and drum sticks
humming and whistling

the rhythm is a fuse
that gets lit by lyrics from a larynx
whispering when use is quick

the words exist
if you spend some time
or spend nothing but rhymes
bending the mind to find the perfect place
to assist and combine the sublime
in good taste

This never gets old
Would you pass the paper and the pencil?
To have listeners and readers is another obstacle
Sure, i can see your feelings from nonverbal signals
in general
but referring to her specific symbols is centrally essential

historical to the nature of flavoring the personal
versatile accentuated the profile of the purposeful
Take these thoughtful vegetables grown
for growing and keeping full on knowing
the infinite is exponential

if it is possible
look into the eyes
and try to visually see one’s life story

if difficulty makes this unable
speak vocally opening forgotten fables
and hopefully the messaging
will connect like electricity through a cable
like oxygen inhaled through the nasal
like looking into the eyes of an angel

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