advanced civilization

Humans depend on technology and tools

Poets rely upon a medium, typically penned in

In all reality, I type more regularly
than writing with a pen
Not pretending the signatures of each
don’t have an identity
They each work collectively
teaching a different side of thinking,
but one requires electricity
when inflation is rising
one can reach a person by surprising
the first hand, face-to-face, in the materially shaped
the other can reach the global
in instances we create
navigating methods of messaging
I know great emcees who write best when texting
I’ve seen shows of ten minute long prose
exposed from the heart and soul
connected by a PA and a microphone

the inventions seem to repeat the same blues tones

hieroglyphics written in stone, for a higher class
tapped phones of the Associate Press
my associate taps on my backpack
that is impressed with the wraps
our libraries are more extensive than the public offering
Power waiting to be grasped by the people rising

Sometimes it feels like the computer is making us stupider
when we already have many tools so similar

Find the Palace of Rhymes utilizing pens, keyboards, and vocal cords
This summer is the number one time to record,
hitting records of scorching temperatures
bringing forth the messengers of jazz liberators
sing like a bee, pollinate across lands and seas
The vital philosophy window into understanding surroundings
is a basic foundation for surviving in this global setting

but lastly yes, I must confess advanced civilization
is betting on fighting with more weaponry and wars for invasion
For have all the poets been?
-John Tabrizi

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