The best performers do so regularly
for large audiences of high capacity
these lyrics have a density of  authenticity
to teach emcees how to raise the level of legitimacy

Whether drunk, messed up, or sober
bet your last shiny piece of metal
that the fight is not over
For clever writers of letters
against biters of shortcut fever

Been clean of stealing others material
since he found the magic machine
of tactical strategics that heat the scene like steam

Syllabic means of production
political, social, economic topics
while the mic is conducting freestyles of sonnets

A former music instructor suggested
practice doesn’t make perfect
it make permanent
Try determining the pitch
of having happiness whistle in when you fish
for a glitch in your memory store
on the affordable clearance isle
stitch your advance to dialing in
on clothing the trial of a last day breathing.

Catch my breath running
before he starts smoking like a gun
the same sun begun its cycle
smiling hello’s of vital glows

Batches of examples from the original
the irreplaceable are not replicable
performance is memorable
to the extent the event
symbolizes a size of pleasurable ties
connecting the interweaving
of the wise, whether dead or alive
voice can survive

in performance
for her romance
per song, on for a dance
in an essential core of chance
live in door stage presence
turned to the streets for a foreign glance
in performance we move and dance

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