Volume Two

Just in
breaking news, volume two is ready for you
order at palaceofrhymes@gmail.com
one copy for you, the other I can mail to your mom

name the price, this poetry is looking nice
upgrading the text to a disk for vocalics
Twice before, predecessors who record
mentioned delivery as essential to pouring lyrics

Concepts in the content

That why it takes a month to publish a new edition
everyday since then, it has been typing writings into a composition

The Palace of Rhymes
would like to express solidarity with Palestine
Tibet, Kashmir, and Kurdistan
next is translating poems from Iran

Where have all the poets gone?
Tomorrow the hunt is on
following the blunt edge of dawn
baking bread also known as “non”

The first volume is lost along with the usb drive
so consider yourself lucky if your copy survived
the printers and computers at the library are empty
the university is taking off for a summer of vacationing
while sweat dripping down the brow of determined studying
files the latest research in archives of networks
before and after work
loving the life of a word connoisseur

soon to be recording on the mic these blurbs you read at a leisure

-John Tabrizi


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