From the pen to the paper

Pens to the paper
Paper to the pens
Pens to the paper
paper to the pens

send a friend
a poem that never ends
when later on your gone
we will pretend to hear your song
Those who write can stand strong
in-spite of the nature of the state
grand organizations of social experimentation
have some long standing communication
mostly advertisements for vacations
waiting for that moment of peace

pens to the paper
paper to the pens

those forgotten, those deceased
reviewing confinement in the solitary
reaches a bigger questioning

Boast to be the closest to verbose terminology
mostly because entertainment is boring
enter a rich fantasy unchanging
I’m in a ditch switching pitch’s to delicious cooking
Organizing the composition in the kitchen
food for thought, thought for food
is understanding an attitude over a plate of food

He went from the pen to the paper
behind bars to writing blissful bars
taking papers to instruments
creating marks to direct market transactions
I heard it has significance

sharing time in the community’s residence
with rhyme repetitiveness
…Pens to the paper
paper to the pens…

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