First Meeting

Her eyes were nervously shy
emerald green
a hark angel sings
-songs when she walks by

Preferring rain to the sun’s shine
in a shower of the river’s power
body and mind
meet the soul’s path
holding fast to greetings
never seen friends laugh as much
as her and others playing

Lovers of the natural holistic
A mystic artist with brothers and sisters of the open hearted
rudder a vessel ship
uttering silence in lips

for one moment that slips
starting a trip to an art exhibit

Vivid paintings
timid-less plants growing
hidden in a stance behind concrete buildings

cooking in a food trailer
a glimpse of showing a bigger picture

Digging underground for onions by the pound
First meeting around town
like jewels to a crown
like soft linen to a gown
like magnolias picked from the brown ground
Let the rain play our sound

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