in the making of music

Tap piano keys repeatedly
looping rhythms sequentially
scooping emcees left in the high weeds
Oops, they don’t know what they need
don’t read, or see their destiny
it’s easier letting others
write the letters of your chapters

A wise man claimed no better
than the next competitor, after

Real hip hop can shake the rafters
lyricism within that awakens tears and laughter
from passages submitted to a master
how much faster shall we work for a cause?
burns, bruises, scars, and bloody claws
to earn dues by bargaining bars
at a buddy’s applause

God came in the mix
since fixed on the triple six
the pods have pees that oddly enough
ought to be picked amongst this tougher stuff

the birds have their songs
The studio is looking nice
organizing flows of poetry booked into advice
Volume two is coming soon
in a device that cherishes the blooming
nourishment of debuting
in the making of music

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