Last test

American Political thought
I thought, was an oxymoron
Later on the subject was defined as constitutionalism

Majored in communication
publishing guerrilla poetry to start conversation
on changing the political powers that have concentrated
our frustration

The founding fathers were great authors
and history has been drilled in without a bother
except for looking at the later,
contemporary is only temporary for some
slavery still exists in the minds of daughters and sons
chained to a pace of work that never seems done
which one?
Fill in the bubble like a bar code
Will time tell?
well rhyme spells settle trouble’s abode
drinking holy water from a natural spring flow
thinking of western civilization
a idea that is now lost and forgotten
South America resists privatization
as Chavez is buried respectfully among many nations

American Constitutionalism
would be a good idea
too bad the class is a relic to the theatre
at the Alma mater address
a professor emeritus suggested this Shakespearean view
All the worlds a stage where players move
if this is true
Who’s watching you?
Who do we sacrifice to get us through?
and how much is controlled and censored by news?

there is never a last test, just like the blues

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