The little things

The fragrance of the bathroom
Seeing through the water wild rice in full bloom
expecting to come home to a full room
The little things make life known
waves of influence that can be brushed like a broom
the wind adds to its friction
instinct assumes a path of conviction

Tiny matters of systemic patterns
make binding connections like fuel for a lantern
a small molecule so minor it would seem miniscule
administered a biological directive selectively making us similar

Reflecting at Sewel or Headwaters
or on the road with other cyclists
Yo the flow goes on in Aquarius
just hold on strong to the little pieces
trust the brief of infinitesimal relief when we visit
casual or professional to our responsibilities and duties

The cut size of meats and vegetables are not yet down to the decimal
the tiresome but very visible smile of optimism
is unbearably beautiful
to the point of making the hungry full
after a pint, appoint fingers to type jewels or zingers

The precious blessing of awareness is a printer
filling the storage room of the mind in memories
where some are trivial and only personally memorable
while others are shared and remembered
as the little things in life that matter

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