good morning

Hello Good morning
mornings are a good time for hellos
at night she takes off her clothes
while he sits and writes flows in nice rows
They fit together like Walden Pond and Thoreau

From the awakening slumber
where in our dreams Civil Disobedience is a hunter
compared to the machine factory animal killer
come the spiritual philosophy teachers

Meet these charming happy armed believers
no law can take their moralistic political fever
beyond what is heard from a speaker
or seen on a screen
The mixture of instinct and hereditary genes
bond fabric of reality sewn to a seam

The light of daybreak
brings delicious wishes
so dish washing is not a headache
putting on wings for clothing
to find the highest order of things
Spring cannot hide from us knowing

the roots beneath the trees
the drop of water in a larger body
the wind breeze and of air moving freely

good morning

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