Despite Graduation

Despite Graduation
studying at libraries for educational purposes
will still have a routine of publishing verses
free printing on hidden computers of services
at the University’s massive library of tacit forces

Despite Graduation
lessons are not stopping or ending
alternatively they will be continuously expanding
the demanding of required readings
left out the best of the severely left leaning

Despite Graduation
forever a dedicated student to prudent issues of communication
Writing letters to syndicated misuses of our stations
never complacent
the truth changes with our submission
better than listening
is to truly hear

Learning is year long, not by the semester
Ask my neighbor David Long who is sure to have the answer
I would not trade all of my books and notes for a single diploma paper
Despite Graduation
There is no mental vacation
only a show of additional mental stimulation
of intellectual and menial
individual and communal
on rearing of enlightenment
in its  foundation
Despite Graduation

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