Samurai sword style

Samurai sword style pen
slashing records recording
Big joints from down south
fig orchards and loquats feed mouths
digging onions out

Scratch paper on receipts
create symphonies from the simplest beats
pardon the excusing of the elite
post modern industrial fleet
with poetry postings
where you walk with feet
tear chalk on the concrete

Stare past the stairs of a bare threshold
the snare boldly hitting the air never gets old
wavelengths give me thanks worth more than gold
I’m told the story is in the dirt before our birth

It really hurts
working hard for what seems like nothing
playing with stars, drawing constellations like paintings
staying at a craft no matter how much others laugh
and say that poetry does not pay

Lastly, the future is in the hands of those ready
to culture individuals and groups of society
my contributions is lyrical solutions on drum loops of notoriety.

Writing rhymes for people like Ricky Minley
It’s a mighty fine time to study and read  history
An old friend checking on the word play
so I send him this way
with some newly sharpened hymns undecayed
still slicing samurai swords with a blade of musical chords
till one day we settle the score by lifting up the poor
Lord, one of your subjects was a great student
who talked politics of liberation like Hughie Newton
It is important to recognize his wise contribution
Prudently we are there
out of practice as now it’s performance everywhere

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