The studio is looking nice

The studio is looking nice
The dojo is literally “the place of the way”
life starts when you wake up and go to bed at night

Stay aware of the conscious
as beneath resides something much more enormous
a physical shrine in a literal mind
typical signs are advertisements
I riddle for satisfaction

The studio is looking nice after cleaning
enough material for a graduate degree
Art projects for a specific purpose
targeting messages like a circuit

the creation in a seed of integrity
uploaded regularly
up-kept nobly
is to know what can spread infinitely

the local library
the non profit news reporting
(Democracy now)
the words heard
that stirred changing crowds
the home where you are found

the workplace  inside this room
will continue to have homework assignments due
despite graduation of institutional education
my studio has many books never mentioned
I worked at the cafeteria
so I know the ingredients that make it’s criteria
et ceteria
Now crafting meals for roommates and neighbors
drafting appeals to the ecological protection of nature

Not sure where pure labor gestured a favor
but blurring the lessons of others’ failures feels better
when forgetting dangers of receding glaciers

The studio is looking like a factory
that needs new regulations and responsibilities
to be treated humanely
changing the way we view the word “company”

Bangladesh has the world’s eye in solidarity
Happy May Day!
Play with your political activity
Rearranging notes of a personal history
promoting the normative philosophy
based on critical thinking

The studio is looking nice for some poetry publishing
-sincerely yours, John Tabrizi

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