Rhyme and Reason part 2

Part 1-


Part 2
Rhyme and Reason
structure punctured a tested method to best direct
delivering ruptures of waves that reach burrows and nests
molecular levels o f battles that never settle or rest

Adjust to the standard answers table depreciating culture
Behest your next arrival we will craft your laugh on a sculpture
without air conditioning living in Texas would amount to torture

Sparing the intricacies of a reckless power order
we still move water forward to the farthest corners
Lyrical skill to fill the farmers orchard
bordering the authorship on a performer’s recorder
formerly throne to the ships in the largest harbors

Siting on the doc of the bay
Hip Hop and poetry
Hips rock and sway
flowing fluently in influencing the senses
with a tint of flagrant disregard for tenseses
Sipping pints with good music at bars
working hard to enjoy life in shards and pieces
the big puzzle shines too bright for a master thesis

Choose the time and place
of course courses need to read the rhyme for the rhyme’s sake
developing a syllabus as a blueprint to mind the mind awake
Take my break and break it in half
Take my wages and send them to the Chief of Staff
with a message that security will not last
that past gaffs need new measures
empires do not live forever
Rhyming the reason we learned letters
when finding the time to shine bring reflectors

These are lines from the Palace of Rhymes
Director John Tabrizi signs fruitful poetry
write regularly in delicious mental food arranging
cooked with cognitive authority
most wraps unravel similarly
long for longevity
be strong against wrongs leveled unjustly
Syllabically is the strategy
to connect understandings

Just as each subjugation has it’s own identity
Trust the instinct to succinct critical thinking
Giving rhyming and reasoning a go
shows a growth in living

A decent completion
in seasoning what your have just eaten
is the pleasure of the changing seasons
forever in allegiance to global regions

100 posts

We at the poetry factory
are toasting to the 100th posting
that started in 2013’s beginning

Of the 100
many have been performed at poetry readings
Wrapped and unraveled at cyphers and battles
given in written textual volumes
bound by a staple and listeners/readers

A poem daily was a mission
the commissioner announced through a speaker

It’s good fun
but could be refined into one

singularity is clearly indifferent to repeating
it knows natural flows grow infinitely receding

showing ozone layers and glacier ice caps getting cracked
as pollution changes the climate of our solutions
industry can’t always throw money at collusion
Stacking papers of evidence
that now are circulated in an online presence

Anonymity in a sense
if taking out the IP address’s  foot prints
Nike and Disney have committed bigger offenses

The microphone conducting reality
over relentless instrumentals of lenses
is a tremendous mechanism to inject rhythm in memories

100 postings is nothing
but as we know nothing is always something

A beginning in drafts
brainstorming stacks of paper scraps
performing raps memorized
from the head till the dead arise

Swimming laps in written sizes
Perhaps fitting straps of integrity
like a backpack filled with facts to study
can make the most

Playing the host, with the arrival of sound quality
I’d like to make a toast to the Palace of Rhymes 100th posting

For the San Marcos Public Library

Who deserves poetry more than the San Marcos library?
Thank you for your hard work routinely
book reading assignments are increasing
and your residence shines upon meeting

The latest text arrives
of news in the New York Times

There are documentaries of history kept alive
there are books that will make you cry

The city’s central intellectual hub spreading WiFi
is a fitting perpetual ignition to begin researching
grubbing down rented knowledge we found
next to city hall across the bridge from downtown

The text that resides within it’s boundaries
are profound enough to change perception of ability

Commonly children walk in happily
unknowing of the potential in this building
yet your work is essentially instrumental
to improving the mental capability of our community
to overcome obstacles
learning answers to troubles that are solvable

Thank you for making this all possible
-John Tabrizi

What I do

People ask me, what do you do?

I write rhymes all the time to stimulate an audience’s mind
Find me at the library reading old stories and the news
crafting blues signed with just this, rendering that which is due its respects

Check the pattern of systematically learned habits
turning hazards in to lessons of modern industrial havoc

I write to fight for equality not social status
uncovering reality’s veil of forgotten tales
madness, through free poetry for sale
who knew the true emcees do so regularly

Bless passages before the sun rises
Expecting a chance to redeem stance on missions to enhance

To elevate with volume, pitch and rate
Mixes a great tape, aesthetically study sounds we create

Bound like seams in books
Found hikes in streams and brooks
Grounded roots branching out of booths
The truth in more available to the youth

Writing to writers trained like fighters and troops
Reading rhythms remembered to sample for loops

A poet turned rapper learned the best way to deliver chapters
is usually not chap books and zines
but by capturing matters in a live showings with mistakes factored by design
Staking the answers into the foundation of a shelter’s mind

I write lines for the palace of rhymes


Triple digit heat this summer is a real back burner
sipping drinks to defeat the thirst of the sun’s hunger
stay alive inside, you will be crisped and fried
like an egg begging to be cracked

The shade is our pride when plants grow high
wade in the tide of sweat dripping down the eyebrow
laying on the lawn lounging with the break of dawn
take mid day off and be gone
playing the  melody of her song

Staying aware of return
earning an evening
entering in meaning
through what memory knew
to be spring cleaning the mental room

The heat gives a natural perfume
an intoxicating pheromone

At home he tells her that she will not be alone
the heat makes people say things they normally won’t

Dead tired sped full speed to lead two tires
sparking fire to melanin
adrenaline kicks in a second wind
temperatures rise from a shine that’s never dim

They wrap together combined as a zipper
In the summer time coming undone
shooting in to the river like a gun
because the heat is on
puns explode loads of fun
and it’s also good to know where they come from

rhyme and reason

I’m told that words get old
that they don’t matter
that eye contact gives more answers

If this is true,
how do we express what we do?

As a poet who flows wit
mixed with a little bit of grit
over a snare drum, cymbal and kick
strumming the blues
with guitar picks and drum sticks
humming and whistling

the rhythm is a fuse
that gets lit by lyrics from a larynx
whispering when use is quick

the words exist
if you spend some time
or spend nothing but rhymes
bending the mind to find the perfect place
to assist and combine the sublime
in good taste

This never gets old
Would you pass the paper and the pencil?
To have listeners and readers is another obstacle
Sure, i can see your feelings from nonverbal signals
in general
but referring to her specific symbols is centrally essential

historical to the nature of flavoring the personal
versatile accentuated the profile of the purposeful
Take these thoughtful vegetables grown
for growing and keeping full on knowing
the infinite is exponential

if it is possible
look into the eyes
and try to visually see one’s life story

if difficulty makes this unable
speak vocally opening forgotten fables
and hopefully the messaging
will connect like electricity through a cable
like oxygen inhaled through the nasal
like looking into the eyes of an angel

In memory of Zorro

Do you remember?
the family member who would slumber on the floor
and the mask that he wore
black and white colored beard and whiskers

He would always bring smiles and laughter
he used to have a friend to chase after
separated and placed in a new home
roaming a similar living room
his favorite place still was outside amongst full bloom flowers
his friend now lives at our residence
and it is in sadness to be informed of the tragic
He has collapsed and died a young life of innocence

In a sense, we are struck senseless in grief
as the few years spent with us was brief
but the memories we will keep
as father and mother sit in the backyard
where he would lounge and sit under stars

The unexpected and unforeseen death
reminds us of the fragility of life we have left
why not cherish our remaining time?
like his passion for waking others up before the sun shine

Rest in peace Zorro
We will keep you in our hearts today and tomorrow

advanced civilization

Humans depend on technology and tools

Poets rely upon a medium, typically penned in

In all reality, I type more regularly
than writing with a pen
Not pretending the signatures of each
don’t have an identity
They each work collectively
teaching a different side of thinking,
but one requires electricity
when inflation is rising
one can reach a person by surprising
the first hand, face-to-face, in the materially shaped
the other can reach the global
in instances we create
navigating methods of messaging
I know great emcees who write best when texting
I’ve seen shows of ten minute long prose
exposed from the heart and soul
connected by a PA and a microphone

the inventions seem to repeat the same blues tones

hieroglyphics written in stone, for a higher class
tapped phones of the Associate Press
my associate taps on my backpack
that is impressed with the wraps
our libraries are more extensive than the public offering
Power waiting to be grasped by the people rising

Sometimes it feels like the computer is making us stupider
when we already have many tools so similar

Find the Palace of Rhymes utilizing pens, keyboards, and vocal cords
This summer is the number one time to record,
hitting records of scorching temperatures
bringing forth the messengers of jazz liberators
sing like a bee, pollinate across lands and seas
The vital philosophy window into understanding surroundings
is a basic foundation for surviving in this global setting

but lastly yes, I must confess advanced civilization
is betting on fighting with more weaponry and wars for invasion
For have all the poets been?
-John Tabrizi


The best performers do so regularly
for large audiences of high capacity
these lyrics have a density of  authenticity
to teach emcees how to raise the level of legitimacy

Whether drunk, messed up, or sober
bet your last shiny piece of metal
that the fight is not over
For clever writers of letters
against biters of shortcut fever

Been clean of stealing others material
since he found the magic machine
of tactical strategics that heat the scene like steam

Syllabic means of production
political, social, economic topics
while the mic is conducting freestyles of sonnets

A former music instructor suggested
practice doesn’t make perfect
it make permanent
Try determining the pitch
of having happiness whistle in when you fish
for a glitch in your memory store
on the affordable clearance isle
stitch your advance to dialing in
on clothing the trial of a last day breathing.

Catch my breath running
before he starts smoking like a gun
the same sun begun its cycle
smiling hello’s of vital glows

Batches of examples from the original
the irreplaceable are not replicable
performance is memorable
to the extent the event
symbolizes a size of pleasurable ties
connecting the interweaving
of the wise, whether dead or alive
voice can survive

in performance
for her romance
per song, on for a dance
in an essential core of chance
live in door stage presence
turned to the streets for a foreign glance
in performance we move and dance

From the pen to the paper

Pens to the paper
Paper to the pens
Pens to the paper
paper to the pens

send a friend
a poem that never ends
when later on your gone
we will pretend to hear your song
Those who write can stand strong
in-spite of the nature of the state
grand organizations of social experimentation
have some long standing communication
mostly advertisements for vacations
waiting for that moment of peace

pens to the paper
paper to the pens

those forgotten, those deceased
reviewing confinement in the solitary
reaches a bigger questioning

Boast to be the closest to verbose terminology
mostly because entertainment is boring
enter a rich fantasy unchanging
I’m in a ditch switching pitch’s to delicious cooking
Organizing the composition in the kitchen
food for thought, thought for food
is understanding an attitude over a plate of food

He went from the pen to the paper
behind bars to writing blissful bars
taking papers to instruments
creating marks to direct market transactions
I heard it has significance

sharing time in the community’s residence
with rhyme repetitiveness
…Pens to the paper
paper to the pens…