Niche writing

Write for your niche
strike a light or flip the switch
fight the urge to call her a bitch
purging the stereotyping
after we coexist
share the road with cyclists
barely known is the price
of our life and environment

Energy in sounds waves
generated by the body
Is a specialist of a  godly hobby
teaching/talking to young kids in the lobby
connected more commonalities
than the internet with all its capabilities
In retrospect all communication
conveys information readily, (even non-verbally)

Well these emcees that sell raps for big companies
are trapped in vulgarity and violent imagery
It’s quite silly, but their rhymes are played at bars nightly
Scared of a bugisman pirating
my peers are idolizing and following
the wrong ideology
of self economic hegemony
Self help books have been our best sellers in publishing
These rhymes are proof of social truth’s uncovering

This summer, activists hits the masses in mass numbers
Because of the war we never slumber,
Ask Guantanamo Bay who today is in extreme hunger,
no attention to the innocent slaughtered
of Iraqi son’s and daughters
2,500$ for collateral damage done to a house or a spouse
Israel advances further south into Palestine’s mouth.
I might doubt compliance, if taxes were not taken out of my allowance

A good man stands against the acts of the unrighteous claiming pious
Niche writing with a specific bias against political tyrants
that silence our tongues as we defiantly have our signs quietly hung.
The time has come
-Your truly, Palace of

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